VKOLL provides entrepreneur cloud-based virtual call center solutions, inbound, outbound, blended, and multichannel Virtual call solutions. VKOLL only requires a Broadband and PCs connection. You can hire your agents from any place and anywhere in the world. VKOLL Systems are easy to setup and use.
High Performance High Performance

VKOLL is backed up with the latest quality Hi-Tech equipment and integrated together to provide the highest performance for Entrepreneurs & Small Enterprises.


Tomorrow’s Call Center is the Cloud VKOLL, working from any place as it’s your desk, having colleges and staff from any place in the world as they are next door to you.

Reliable Connectivity Reliable Connectivity

Connectivity is today’s challenge, waiting time is a significant waste, makes it a real frustration and distraction. It’s the bottleneck of every solution, its how fast you can get the job was done professionally.

We offer flexible contract options; annual contracts are available for any company looking to have a predictable monthly fee. Annual contracts also provide reduced fees when compared to month-to-month contracts. All the standard functionality is included along with the monthly licenses and telecommunications fees.

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Free 30 Minute Consultation Free 30 Minute Consultation

Let schedule a 30 minute call to walk you into the VKOLL Startups entrepreneur world with all the features available that fits you needs.

Free One Month for Startups Free One Month for Startups

The world without Entrepreneurs means nothing! Having a new Entrepreneur on board deserves a free month.

24/7 Customer Care 24/7 Customer Care

being with you when ever you need us, This what’s called customer care.


You get what you pay for! no hidden fees, you grow we grow together or downsize when ever you want and as much you want to grow again.

Up/Down Grading Services & packages Up/Down Grading Services & packages

Understanding entrepreneurs challenges now you are in control of Up/Down Grading everything you need of our services.

Monthly Data Backup Monthly Data Backup

Every month we create a total backup of your Data for your protection and available whenever you need.


VKOLL Dialer

Min. Agent Waiting VKOLL dialer smartly predicts agents availability for new customers on the phone to be ready for them. Reduces waiting time for no-answers.

Smart Screen Caller Info

Vibizi CRM V2.2 integrated with VKOLL making Screen pops show agents instantly customer details and history, Giving agents the power greeting and driving the client right way into the situation or problem without wasting time.

IVR Intelligent Routing

Workflow routing calls smartly to the right agent or service required upon customers IVR selections. Making payments, changing a reservation and much more.

CRM Integration

VKOLL integrates with all the leading CRM packages including Salesforce, Oracle, and NetSuite. VKOLL also has Vibizi CRM V2.2 functionality built right in the solution speaking to all your existing e-commerce or web portals.

No Special Hardware Required

From 1 to 999+ Agents No special hardware or system need for VKOLL. For each agent a computer, a headset, and an internet connection.


Startups Entrepreneur Business Model (SEBM)

Our Products are designed to suite all startups business model that controls and turns fixed costs into variable costs upon revenue streaming not upon fixed cost money drainage.

Unlimited Startups Packages

What ever the package you want, Yes we can design or integrate it with our ready made packages.

Great Prices

In terms of pricing we made the pricing equation very competitive.

Technical Experts

On board the best expert of technical knowledge to make all our products run 24/7 with smooth and reliable support.

24/7 Customer Care

being with you when ever you need us, This what’s called customer care.


If you have any questions, Feel free to contact vkoll.com 24/7 with questions, plans information, web portal integration, or just to say “hi.” . We look forward to helping you.